As we noted last week, the National Science Foundation has tasked CRA with establishing a Computing Community Consortium that can provide scientific leadership and vision on issues related to computing research and future large-scale computing research projects. Today, the CCC Planning Group released a white paper (pdf, 210kb) with much more detail on the structure and purpose of the CCC. They’ve also released a timeline of future activities.
The first step in “Bootstrapping Phase 1″ has been completed with the naming of an interim CRA GENI Community Advisory Board. Its members are:

Charlie Catlett, Argonne National Lab
Vint Cerf, Google
Susan Graham, University of California, Berkeley
Ron Johnson, University of Washington
Anita Jones, University of Virginia
Ed Lazowska, University of Washington (Chair)
Peter Lee, Carnegie Mellon University
Ellen Zegura, Georgia Tech

Finally, we’ve set up a page for all CCC related information:


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