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FY2013 Department of Energy Budget Request

As we noted earlier today, the Department of Energy’s Office of Science did fairly well in the President’s Budget Request considering the fiscal climate we remain mired in. Overall, the Office of Science request is for an increase of 2.4 percent over the FY12 enacted appropriations to a total of $5 billion.

The Advanced Scientific Computing Research program would see a 3.3 percent increase to $455.6 million. Basic Energy Sciences would also receive an increase to $1.8 billion, a 6.6 percent increase. The biggest decrease in the Office of Science would be to the Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists program. It would lose $4 million or 21.6 percent of it’s FY12 funding.

ARPA-E would see a significant increase to it’s project funding of 27.5 percent for a total of $325 million. This is a $70 million increase over the enacted FY12 funding and does not include the requested increase for “program direction” of 25 percent to $25 million. This would bring the total ARPA-E funding to $350 million. DoE states that the program direction funding would allow them to hire more federal employees, support contractors, lease space, and increase IT purchases. It is unlikely that Congress will approve of such increases for personnel, space, and equipment given the spending climate in Washington.

Secretary Chu’s statement on the Department of Energy budget can be found here. The full budget document can be found here.

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