Senior Unity 3D Engineer and Project Lead

  • Professional
  • Cambridge, MA
  • Posted 2 weeks ago
  • Expires on: August 18, 2017

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences

To apply for this position please visit and enter job id# 14562.

SENIOR UNITY 3D ENGINEER AND PROJECT LEAD, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, to develop and lead a comprehensive Unity-3D-based interactive audio-visual simulation environment for use in cutting edge projects at the intersection of neuroscience and artificial intelligence research.  Will join MIT- (DiCarlo, McDermott, Tenenbaum) and Stanford-based (Yamins) laboratories training and testing artificial intelligence agents built using deep neural networks and probabilistic programs.  Will use large quantities of simulated data to train these models and develop a virtual world to generate audio-visual scenes, and develop new AI technologies and use resulting agents as models of brain function.  Responsibilities include developing and maintaining core modules for the code base, including high-quality rendering and physics plugins; procuring large numbers of realistic 3D assets for the environment and performing quality assurance to ensure they can be used together; and setting up and maintaining a large-scale, high-availability installation of the environment on a special-purpose Linux cluster.

REQUIRED: master’s in computer science or software engineering (specialization in computer graphics or related field strongly preferred); high level competence with Unity-3D C# and Unity-3D environments; expertise with a variety of modern rendering procedures, including approximate real-time and high-quality physically-based techniques; expertise with physics simulations, including methods for producing fast approximations to dynamics for complex objects; knowledge of 3D asset libraries and stores; ability to partner with colleagues and independently manage multiple projects/priorities while meeting changing deadlines, adapting to new technologies, and presenting information in a clear and cohesive manner; creative problem solving skills; ability to approach tasks with an eye toward efficiency and reproducibility; meticulous attention to detail; and proactive investigative analysis.  Academic research experience highly desirable, particularly computational geometry/physically-based rendering.  Job #14562

To apply for this position please visit and enter job id# 14562.