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Appendix C: Past CIFellow Slides

Sent with concept paper to NSF, April 6, 2020

Computing Innovation Fellows

In early 2009, forecasts showed that the deteriorating economic climate would force a large number of new PhDs in computer science and related fields to delay or altogether abandon a career in research. Projected PhD production was high, and jobs in academia and industry were few. Leaders of the computing research community feared a cohort of able researchers would be permanently lost to the profession.

The program was for 1-year Postdoctoral Fellowships (able to be extended), enabling recipients to remain in research positions, advance in their field and continue training, learning, and collaborating. Requirements were that Postdoc and Mentor had to match prior to applying and the Postdoc had to go to a new Institution or Industry.

  • 2009: 505 applicants, 60 Fellows selected
  • 2010: 170 applicants, 47 Fellows selected
  • 2011: 177 applicants, 20 Fellows selected
  • 2014: CIFellows Workshop
  • 2018: Early Career Researcher Symposium


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