CERP Data Sharing Request

Data Buddies Survey (DBS) is an annual survey initiative of the Computing Research Association (CRA) and is implement by the Center for Evaluating the Research Pipeline (CERP). DBS targets undergraduate and graduate students who are engaged in computing fields (e.g., majoring in a computing field, taking computing courses) at (primarily) US colleges/universities. CERP reaches these students through a network of volunteer institutions (Data Buddies). The survey collects data on students’ background and experiences in computing. The major categories of data that DBS collects are:

  • Students’ major/minor
  • Career values
  • Self-efficacy
  • Belonging
  • Perceptions of current institution and department
  • Professional network
  • Academic and professional activities
  • Future career interests and highest degree intentions
  • Demographic information

You can access the form to request individual level DBS data (i.e., microdata) at the end of this page. Please note that your request will be thoroughly reviewed by CERP to determine if you will be granted access to DBS microdata. You can expect to be contacted by CERP within 10 business days.

CERP will contact you if additional information is needed. Otherwise, you will receive a decision letter once your application is approved by the director of CERP and the PI for the grant that funds the data collection. If your application is approved, this letter will be accompanied by a data sharing agreement which you will need to sign and return to CERP. Within 48 hours of the receipt of your signed agreement, you will receive your dataset and any additional documentation electronically.

Click here to access CERP data request application.