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Congratulations to the 2016 Class of ACM Fellows

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Today, the ACM named 53 of its members as ACM Fellows for major contributions in areas including artificial intelligence, cryptography, computer architecture, high performance computing and programming languages.

From the ACM Press Release:

“As nearly 100,000 computing professionals are members of our association, to be selected to join the top one percent is truly an honor,” explains ACM President Vicki L. Hanson.

“Fellows are chosen by their peers and hail from leading universities, corporations and research labs throughout the world. Their inspiration, insights and dedication bring immeasurable benefits that improve lives and help drive the global economy.”

Several CRA participants were named Fellows:

  • Carla Brodley (CRA-W Emeritus Member)
    Northeastern University
    For applications of machine learning and for increasing participation of women in computer science.
  • Shwetak Patel (CCC Council Member)
    University of Washington
    For contributions to sustainability sensing, low-power wireless sensing and mobile health.
  • Holly Rushmeier (CRA-W Board and CCC Council Member)
    Yale University
    For work on global illumination, material capture and display of high-dynamic-range images.
  • Valerie E. Taylor (CRA and CRA-W Past Board Member)
    Texas A&M University
    For leadership in broadening participation in computing
  • Manuela Veloso (CRA-W Past Board Member)
    Carnegie Mellon University
    For contributions to the field of artificial intelligence, in particular in planning, learning, multi-agent systems, and robotics.

Congratulations to all the 2016 Fellows. Click here for the full list.