2019 Returning Scholars at GHC

The objective of the GHC Returning Scholars program is to increase the number of women in research-focused careers. The program provides talks, mentors, and role models for industry professionals interested in a research-focused career change.

Grad Cohort for Women 2019

The CRA-W Grad Cohort for Women program, initiated in 2004, is generously funded by sponsors from industry, ACM, CRA, academia, the National Science Foundation, and the computing community. Grad Cohort aims to increase the ranks of senior women in computing-related studies and research by building and mentoring nationwide communities of women through their graduate studies.

SIAM CSE19 Broader Engagement Program

DSW - Through the SIAM community and activities we aim to assist in providing a rich scientific program, mentoring, and career and professional development to students from underrepresented and underprivileged backgrounds who aspire to broaden their experience in research-based professional activities.

2018 ACM Philadelphia Region Celebration of Women in Computing Conference

DLS Event - CRA-W is proud to sponsor the 2018 ACM Philadelphia Region Celebration of Women in Computing Conference, bringing together women at the high school, undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels to promote the recruitment, retention, and progression of women in computing fields.