Expanding the Pipeline Column

“Expanding the Pipeline” is a regular column in Computing Research News (CRN). The column serves both as a vehicle for describing projects and issues related to women and underrepresented groups in CS/CSE.

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  • Expanding the Pipeline: CAHSI Broadens Hispanics’ Participation in Computing February 2, 2018
    The Computing Alliance for Hispanic-Serving Institutions (CAHSI) is a consortium of Hispanic-serving institutions (HSIs) committed to consolidating the strengths, resources, and efforts of public, private, federal, state, and local organizations that share the core value of increasing the number of Hispanics who pursue and complete baccalaureate and advanced degrees in computing areas. CAHSI plays a […]
  • Expanding the Pipeline: CRA-W at 2017 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing January 1, 2018
    The conference featured several inspiring keynotes, including one by CRA-W board member Ayanna Howard, Georgia Institute of Technology. CRA-W also presented career mentoring content for GHC attendees interested in research. The post Expanding the Pipeline: CRA-W at 2017 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing appeared first on CRN.
  • Expanding the Pipeline: Toward Gender Parity in CS @ ILLINOIS November 1, 2017
    This article outlines several activities at UIUC geared towards encouraging women to join and stay in a computing major. As the authors note, the link between UIUC’s efforts and the uptick in women in computing at UIUC is speculative, as no formal evaluation has been conducted. Nevertheless, the level of engagement in broadening participation in computing at […]
  • Expanding the Pipeline: Key Learnings on Retaining Underrepresented Minorities and Students with Disabilities in Computer Science November 1, 2017
    Retention and graduation of underrepresented minorities and students with disabilities is critical to creating a strong pipeline of employees for both industry and academia. In early 2017, the Center for Minorities and People with Disabilities in IT (CMD-IT) announced the call for nominations for the first annual CMD-IT University Award for Retention of Minorities and […]
  • Expanding the Pipeline: Celebrating Black Women in Computing September 1, 2017
    The dialogue about broadening participation in computing must extend beyond a narrow focus on women, in general, to one that focuses on the intersectionality of race and gender if the computing educational community will be more inclusive. Engaging more diverse perspectives in computing education can be described as a social justice issue, but also promoted […]
  • Expanding the Pipeline – WEPAN’S 2017 Change Leader Forum: Creating the Mindset for Action August 1, 2017
    The Women in Engineering ProActive Network (WEPAN) held the 2017 Change Leader Forum in Westminster, Colorado from June 12 - 14, 2017.  The Forum provided attendees an unparalleled opportunity to engage with diversity and inclusion advocates, and learn research based best-practices related to gender equity and inclusion in engineering.  Nearly 200 attendees representing a variety […]
  • Expanding the Pipeline – Engaging Undergraduates in Research: UC San Diego Early Research Scholars Program August 1, 2017
    Engaging undergraduates in research can be an effective way to increase their confidence, perception of science, and sense of belonging. But at many large research universities, it can be difficult for undergraduate students—especially early undergraduates—to find research opportunities. Furthermore, even when they find opportunities, they might not have the background, training, or support to be […]
  • Expanding the Pipeline – Simply Smarter: 2017 Tapia Conference Celebrates Diversity June 1, 2017
    The 2017 ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing is being held September 20-23 in Atlanta Georgia. This year’s theme, Diversity: Simply Smarter, evokes the basic yet irrefutable concept that diversity is simply the smarter choice. Research by social scientists has repeatedly shown that teams made up of diverse members have a great potential […]
  • Expanding the Pipeline: Broadening Participation in Computing Fields by Preparing More Professionals with Disabilities May 2, 2017
    Most broadening participation efforts have focused on women and underrepresented minorities. However, for more than 10 years, AccessComputing has been funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to increase the successful participation of students with disabilities in academic programs and careers. AccessComputing addresses underrepresentation by providing multiple activities for students with disabilities. The post Expanding […]
  • Expanding the Pipeline: Beyond Graduate Admissions – Strategies for Diversifying the Computer Science Workforce May 2, 2017
    With graduate enrollment increasing for women in computer and information sciences, the entry point for the field’s educational pipeline is more robust than ever. Yet, it appears that the challenge remains to increase retention and completion of degrees. In order to expand the pipeline, our efforts must focus on both recruitment of potential talents and […]