Discipline-Specific Workshops

Originally Printed in the Summer/Fall 2010 Newsletter By Margaret Martonosi, Princeton University In 2005, CRA-W and the Coalition to Diversify Computing (CDC) began collaborating on a program encouraging discipline-specific mentoring workshops in various sub-fields of computing. The goal of these workshops is to increase the participation and success of members of underrepresented groups within a […]

Distinguished Lecture Series Brings Research Talks and Recruitment to College Campuses

Originally Posted in Winter/Spring 2009 Newsletter The Distinguished Lecture Series (DLS) is designed to encourage women and minority undergraduates to pursue graduate education in CISE and to increase the visibility of distinguished women and minority researchers from academia and industrial or govern-ment research labs. It began as a CRA-W program in 2000 with funding from […]

2009 Career Mentoring Workshops (CMW)

Originally Printed in Summer/Fall 2009 Newsletter Two CRA-W Career Mentoring Workshops (CMW) were held in 2009: The research focused workshop (CMW-RL) was held July 11 -12 in Pasadena, CA, in conjunction with the Twenty-first International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. The education  focused workshop (CMW-E) was held March 4 in Chattanooga, TN, in conjunction with SIGCSE 2009. The […]

Grad Cohort Celebrates Fifth Year

Originally Printed in Winter/Spring 2008 Newsletter The Grad Cohort Program is under the leadership of Mary Lou Soffa, University of Virginia, and Mary Jane Irwin, Pennsylvania State University. The Grad Cohort Program brings together women graduate students in their first, second, and third years of graduate school for a two-day workshop on graduate school survival, […]