Check out the Latest Videos on the Grad Cohort Experience: Applications Open October 1

At the 2019 Grad Cohort for Women Workshop, more than 400 graduate students spent two days building both professional and support networks, while also attending sessions on how to succeed in graduate school. In three new videos, students, speakers, and sponsor representatives share their thoughts on the program’s impact.
Interested in applying to the workshop? Share these videos with potential attendees:

Participants find the workshop provides a welcoming environment which creates a sense of belonging. At Grad Cohort, attendees build confidence and connect with others going through similar experiences. The applications for both workshops will open on October 1.

Interested in sponsorship? Check out the video on sponsorship of both workshops.

Deadline November 15: 2020 Graduate Cohort Workshops

CRA-WP will host two Graduate Cohort Workshops in 2020. The Grad Cohort Workshop for URMD is designed specifically for underrepresented minorities in computing and persons with disabilities in graduate school in computing fields. The Grad Cohort Workshop for Women is designed for women students in their first, second, or third year of graduate school in computing fields. The workshops will include a mix of formal presentations, informal discussions and social events. By attending Grad Cohort, participants will be able to build mentoring relationships and develop peer networks that are intended to form the basis for ongoing activities during their graduate career and beyond. Both applications will open on October 1 and will close on November 15.

Deadline January 15: Distributed Research Experiences for Undergraduates

DREU interns have the opportunity to be directly involved in a research project and interact with graduate students and professors on a daily basis. This experience is invaluable for those who are considering graduate school; DREU will provide a close-up view of what graduate school is really like and increase interns’ competitiveness as an applicant for graduate admissions and fellowships. Faculty mentors will have the opportunity to work on their research project with new students from other institutions and to mentor future graduate students. Note: There is a new application site for fall 2019.

A Broader Case for Diversity and Inclusion: CRA-Women Transitioning to CRA-Widening Participation

By the CRA Committee on Widening Participation in Computing Research 

It is with great excitement that we share with our friends, colleagues, and broader computing community that CRA Committee on the Status of Women in Computing Research (CRA-W) is now officially CRA Committee on Widening Participation in Computing Research (CRA-WP). CRA-W was established in 1991 with the mission of increasing the success and participation of women in Computing Research. Since that time, we have organized numerous programs at various levels to engage, encourage, and sustain women in computing. In 2004, CRA-W first partnered with the Coalition to Diversify Computing (CDC) to engage and increase the participation of individuals from additional underrepresented groups in computing. In 2008, this partnership became a BPC Alliance, further expanding and strengthening our outreach and programmatic efforts. Over the past decade, our programs have quite naturally shifted from being initially women-only or women-focused, to being increasingly co-ed, with a mission of serving a wide range of constituencies. This natural progression towards broadening our scope to address all forms of underrepresentation in computing continues to motivate and drive our extremely dedicated board of volunteers.

Grad Cohort Workshop Replicated Internationally

Over the past few years, in collaboration with ACM, CRA-W invited international observers to attend CRA-W’s Graduate Cohort Workshops, with the goal of creating similar events in their home countries. The representatives experienced first-hand how the event is structured and the impact it has on students. We are excited to share that this has resulted in several international versions of the Grad Cohort program based on the CRA-W model:

While each event is unique to the host country, all follow the two-day structure and give students the opportunity to learn from senior professionals. While CRA-W’s Grad Cohort is only open to graduate students in the US and Canada, these events give students around the world the chance to build communities of women in computing.

2019-2020 ACSA/CRA-W Scholarships for Women Studying Information Security Scholars Announced

CRA-W is happy to announce the recipients of the 2019-2020 ACSA/CRA-W Scholarships for Women Studying Information Security (SWSIS) scholarship. SWSIS is a partnership of Applied Computer Security Associates (ACSA) and CRA-W. The purpose of these scholarships is to provide assistance to women at the formative stages of their careers in these fields. Its long-term goal is to contribute to increasing the representation of women in the information security workforce.  ACSA founded the SWSIS scholarship program in 2011 and joined forces with CRA-W in 2014 to lead the selection process.

Expanding the Pipeline: The Second Annual CRA Grad Cohort for URMD Supports a Diverse Computing Research Community

On March 22-23, CRA hosted the second annual Graduate Cohort for Underrepresented Minorities and Persons with Disabilities (URMD Grad Cohort) in picturesque Waikoloa Village, Hawaii. The location provided beautiful scenery as students spent two days learning how to succeed in graduate school and networked with a diverse group of peers and senior researchers.