Research Experience Related Travel Request

At the time that CREU projects are accepted for funding, they may be provided with a budget for student travel and/or research expenses.  This funding must normally be used during the period of CREU funding.  Specific expenses must be approved prior to purchase in order to be reimbursed.

*Note that travel and support for supplies will be paid by reimbursement only if approved.

Requirements for Research Experience Travel Approval and Funding

To apply for Research Experience Travel Funding, the CREU student and mentor must apply together using the web-based application that is available here. The web-based application asks the student and mentor to provide information about the travel and to input the items listed below.

        • A Planned Activities Statement that gives a day by day description of what the student plans to attend, participate in, etc. during the travel.
        • An itemized budget describing the estimated cost of the student’s trip. This needs to be broken down into categories including registration (if any), travel, lodging (number of days and cost per day), food, etc.
        • IMPORTANT:  Only domestic travel and tickets on US carriers can be reimbursed.

The student and the mentor will be notified by email if the travel support request is approved, and for what level of funding.

Requirements for Travel Reimbursement

To apply for travel reimbursement, a CREU member should first have submitted a request for funding as outlined above and been notified that the request was approved by a CREU Co-Chair or Program Manger. After your request for reimbursement has been approved and after travel has taken place, please submit the items outlined below using the web-based submission form that is available after logging into the CREU portal.

After these items are approved by the CREU program chairs, you will be given instructions to submit ALL original receipts and boarding passes to CRA for your reimbursement.

    • A copy of the students’ conference registration receipt (if applicable).
    • A copy of the students’ hotel bill (see 2 below).
    • A copy of the students’ airline ticket (or mileage report if you travel by car).
    • A copy of other expenses as previously requested and approved.
    • A Summary of Activities Report by the students and Mentor (see 4 below).

Note the following:

    1. If a student’s expenses are less than the approved funding level, then the award will be adjusted accordingly.
    2. If students share a hotel room, they must make sure they get an individual receipt for their part of the room. Please note that we can only reimburse individual CREU participant/Mentor expenses.
    3. If you split a meal with others, please indicate only the amount of your meal in the request for reimbursement. Others (even if also in the CREU program) must put in their own requests for reimbursement.
    4. A student’s Summary of Activities Report could be an update of the Planned Activities Statement they submitted for travel approval. It should detail the activities in which the students actually participated, along with possible summaries of what the students learned from a few of the talks, presentations, etc. Note that these summaries may be made available to the funding agencies, the CRA, and the CRA-W.

    To request reimbursement for this type of travel, students and Mentor should follow the following guidelines:

    NOTE: students who are driving their personal vehicle should claim mileage for each mile traveled. If you have any questions please email