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Profiles of Women in Computing: Bushra Anjum

By Shar Steed, CRA Communications Specialist Originally posted on the CRA Bulletin Bushra Anjum is a self-described “adventure seeker” in addition to her day job in computing. “I’m into extreme sports–I like jumping out of planes or off of cliffs. I am an adventure seeker, at the bottom of my heart. So anything that sounds […]
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Highlight on Alum Bushra Anjum

Dr. Bushra Anjum is a 2012 CRA-W Graduate Cohort Alumna, and is currently a software and research engineer at Amazon, Inc in San Luis Obispo. She has expertise in Agile Software Development for large scale distributed systems with special emphasis on system design and development for highly-scalable, fault-tolerant systems. Originally a Fulbright scholar from Pakistan, […]