Apply before 9/11 to attend the Biomedical Data Science Workshop at SHILAC’15

The Biomedical Data Science Workshop (BMDSW) is a two day event for underrepresented undergraduates, graduates, and post-doctorate researchers from the US and its territories sponsored by CRA-W and the Coalition for Diversifying Computing (CDC). Biomedical Data Science is focused on interdisciplinary computational research in fields such as Biology, Neuroscience, Medicine, and Health where data sets have grown so large […]

1st CRA-W/CDC Broadening Participation in Visualization (BPViz) Workshop – A Success Despite the Polar Vortex!

By Dr. Vetria L. Byrd & Dr. Lori Tanner Originally Printed in the Winter/Spring 2014 Newsletter Visualization plays a significant role in the exploration and understanding of data across all disciplines with a universal goal: gaining insight into the complex relationships that exist within the data. The need to diversify a field with such far-reaching […]

CHIMe 2012 Discipline Specific Workshop

The CHIMe 2012 mentoring workshop took place on May 5-6, 2012 in Austin, TX colocated with the CHI 2012 conference. In attendance at the 1.5-day workshop were 30 students (25 from the US, 5 from Canada) and 11 speakers from academia, industry, and government labs. Organizers Ron Metoyer and Manuel Pérez-Quiñones developed this second incarnation […]

Discipline-Specific Workshops

Originally Printed in the Summer/Fall 2010 Newsletter By Margaret Martonosi, Princeton University In 2005, CRA-W and the Coalition to Diversify Computing (CDC) began collaborating on a program encouraging discipline-specific mentoring workshops in various sub-fields of computing. The goal of these workshops is to increase the participation and success of members of underrepresented groups within a […]