CRA-WP Mentoring

Upcoming Career Mentoring Workshops!

Upcoming early career mentoring workshops for the Education track at SIGCSE 2017 on March 8th 2017. When you attend the Early Career Mentoring Workshop, you will learn how to: be an effective and inspiring teacher, set yourself up for promotion and success, and balance work and life. You can find more information about this event […]

Explore Graduate Studies in CSE Workshop

Students from all institutions are invited to apply to attend this one-day workshop. Participants will learn about the graduate school application process and the opportunities that exist for those who pursue graduate work in this impactful discipline. The workshop will include research highlights from faculty, one-on-one interactions with current graduate students, and a writing clinic with tips for writing a strong statement of purpose.

Register to Participate in the 1st Virtual Undergraduate Town Hall

CRA-Women is proud to announce a NEW program, the Virtual Undergraduate Town Hall Series.  During the Virtual Undergraduate Town Hall Event, you will join students from around the world in a virtual mentoring event where you will learn about cutting edge research in the field of computing, and how you can get involved with undergraduate research. […]

Computing Research Association Tackles Diversity in Tech

Originally posted on Associations Now By: Rob Stott A recent Computing Research Association survey showed that, while more diverse than top tech companies, computer-science degree programs still struggle to court underrepresented students. CRA has a few programs aimed at combating that trend. The issue of diversity in the tech industry—rather, the lack thereof—is nothing new. […]

Tips for a Successful Mentoring Experience

Tips For a Successful Mentoring Experience The tips below are based on the findings of the Learning through Evaluation, Adaptation, and Dissemination (LEAD) Center which was an evaluation conducted of the DREU program (formerly known as DMP) since 1994. Overall, the LEAD evaluators identified three key elements of the DREU program that were linked to a successful […]

Mentoring Tracks at Grace Hopper Celebration 2015

CRA-W will provide mentoring tracks for students and researchers at Grace Hopper 2015. CRA-W will also host tables at the Student Opportunity Lab where students can learn about; Undergraduate Research Opportunities, What Happens in Graduate School, How to Apply To Graduate School, and The Differences Between a Masters and a Ph.D.