Travel Support for Underrepresented Researchers

Are you a researcher in a government lab, or conducting industrial research, and interested in attending a conference but having difficulty finding the funding?

This project supports underrepresented researchers for whom traveling to a conference/workshop without financial support from one’s employer would constitute a hardship, and where attending the event would provide valuable opportunities to network and grow professionally.

CRA-W will provide full or partial support for actual travel expenses to conferences or workshops in the applicant’s area of research. Travel to CS-related summer schools for the purpose of learning technical material is also covered. Up to $2000 ($3000 for international conferences) will be available per trip. If the applicant’s employer is able to cover part of the cost, CRA-W will reimburse the remaining amount of actual expenses, up to the limit. However, support from the home institution is not required to apply for this program.