New Google Site for CS Education and Career Opportunities


Today, Google launched a new website that outlines all of its computer science education tools, content, and programs for K-12 through career opportunities.

From the website: “Computer science (CS) education is a pathway to innovation, to creativity and to exciting career opportunities. We believe that all students deserve these opportunities. That is why Google is committed to developing programs, resources, tools and community partnerships which make CS engaging and accessible for all students.”

Solving tomorrow’s challenges requires a technically skilled, innovative and diverse workforce.

Please share this link with your students and others:

Additionally, the CRA Education committee is currently developing videos targeted at undergraduates that will showcase areas of computing research. One video will feature two members of the Google Research division – Susanna Ricco, who works on computer vision and Mac Mason, who works on robotics. After production, the videos will be made available on the CRA-E and Conquer websites, so stay tuned.

New Google Site for CS Education and Career Opportunities