This article is published in the June 2024 issue.

CCC Launches New LinkedIn Showcase Page

By Petruce Jean-Charles, Communications Associate, CCC

Have you ever heard of LinkedIn showcase pages? Well, we have been secretly working on one to bring you exclusive CCC news. Our goal is to share content that is both informative and new. Looking forward to more content? Here’s everything you need to know about our new page:


Q: What’s a LinkedIn Showcase page?

A: It’s an extension of an already existing account like CRA’s–designed to spotlight individual initiatives like CCC.


Q: Why create a CCC showcase page?

A: CCC aims to energize the computing research community by sparking discussions on ambitious, long-term research challenges. We strive to foster consensus on research visions, refine the most promising ones into actionable initiatives, and collaborate with funding organizations to bring these visions to fruition. What better way to do that than creating a LinkedIn showcase page?


Q: What can the computing community expect from this page?

A: The community can expect the opportunity to suggest and see content you want from CCC. We want you to have a say on what we produce so keep an eye out for polls and calls for participation. You can also look forward to new content including council profiles, Q&As, opinion pieces, listicles and reviving old reports and projects from CCC’s archives. 

If you’re interested in getting more CCC content on LinkedIn, follow our showcase page and reshare our first post. Help us welcome the page by sharing it with your networks or individuals you think would enjoy following CCC.


And if you have ideas for content, why not leave a comment under the post as well?