Published: January 2019, Issue: Vol. 31/No.1, Download as PDF

Archive of articles published in the January 2019, Vol. 31/No.1 issue.


2019 CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Winners

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2019 Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award. This year’s nominees are a very impressive group. A number of them were commended for making significant contributions to more than one research project, several are authors or coauthors on multiple papers, others have made presentations at major conferences, and some have produced software artifacts that are in widespread use.

CRA gratefully acknowledges the support of Microsoft Research and Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs which sponsor the Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award program in alternate years. Microsoft Research is the sponsor of this year’s award.


Analysis of Current and Future Computer Science Needs via Advertised Faculty Searches for 2019

This work uses the same methodology as work over the past five years to study where Computer Science departments are choosing to invest faculty positions by examining data obtained from advertised faculty searches for the current hiring season. 


CRA Board Member Highlight: James Allan

My current work focuses on support for critical literacy and efforts to foster new paths for equity in the sciences.

I currently serve as chair of the faculty in the College of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. This means that, like most chairs, I divide my time between administrative work supporting our college’s faculty, advancing our college, and conducting my own research as co-director of the Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval.


Does Having a Terminal Master’s Degree Prior to a Ph.D. Boost Publication Rate?

Among doctoral students, those with a terminal master’s degree are twice as likely to have first author journal publications than those without a terminal master’s degree. They are also approximately 1.5 times more likely to have first author refereed conference papers, and co-authored journal publications and conference papers.


Forbes’ America’s Top 50 Women in Tech List

Three CRA contributors were recently recognized on Forbes’ America’s Top 50 Women in Tech list. From Forbes: “The Top 50 Women In Tech is an unranked assessment of technologists in five categories: Moguls, Founders, Innovators, Engineers and Warriors. The list showcases the breadth and depth of entrepreneurial women who are changing the world.”

AAAS Honors 2018 Elected Fellows

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) recently announced its 2018 Elected Fellows. The Fellows are recognized with this lifetime honor for their extraordinary achievements in advancing science. Several individuals involved with CRA have been elected Fellows to the Section on Information, Computing & Communication.