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Qubits and Quibbles

On the opening day of the 8th HLF, Scott Aaronson, winner of the 2020 ACM Prize in Computing, discussed the recent advancements in quantum computing and the impact that “quantum supremacy” could have on the future of computing.

Pitch PerfectPitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect

This year’s HLF included an interactive session titled “Pitch Your Science News and Opinion Stories to News and Magazine Editors,” to help young researchers improve their skills in this domain.


Computing Research for the Climate Crisis

CCC has released a new whitepaper on Computing Research for the Climate Crisis, coauthored by Nadya Bliss (Arizona State University), Elizabeth Bradley (University of Colorado Boulder), and Claire Monteleoni (University of Colorado Boulder), to highlight the role of computing research in addressing climate change-induced challenges.

National Discovery Cloud

CCC is pleased to announce the release of a new white paper, A National Discovery Cloud: Preparing the US for Global Competitiveness in the New Era of 21st Century Digital Transformation, led by Ian Foster with significant support from Daniel Lopresti, Bill Gropp, Mark D. Hill, and Katie Schuman.