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Dear Colleague Letter: NSF CISE, Division of Information and Intelligent Systems (IIS) – Employment Opportunity for Multiple Program Director Positions

NSF CISE/IIS has several open program director positions. We encourage you consider serving in this role and to share the opportunity with your colleagues.

Looking for more information on becoming a program director? Check out these links:

From the Dear Colleague Letter:

Dear Colleagues:

The Division of Information and Intelligent Systems (IIS) within the Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering at the National Science Foundation (NSF) announces a nationwide search to fill several Program Director positions in the following areas:

Cyber-Human Systems program. The Cyber-Human Systems program aims to accelerate both the creation and understanding of the complex and increasingly coupled relationships between humans and technology, with the broad goal of advancing human capabilities: perceptual and cognitive, physical and virtual, social and societal. This includes traditional areas of human-computer interactions such as user interface software and technologies, assistive technologies, and social computing, and extending to cognitive support and human augmentation. Only candidates with expertise in the areas of interactions with data (such as visualization and sense-making); immersive/physical interfaces (such as augmented and virtual reality); computer supported collaborative/team work and learning (CSCW, CSCL); and the increasing role of social media will be considered.

Information Integration and Informatics program. The Information Integration and Informatics program aims to realize the full transformative potential of data, information, and knowledge in our increasingly digital and interconnected world. Only candidates with expertise in the areas of graph mining and data mining; large-scale analytics (with strong mathematical/statistical background); information/knowledge representation and integration; and big data and machine learning will be considered.

Information Integration and Informatics for Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace. The Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace program aims to protect and preserve the growing social and economic benefits of cyber systems while ensuring security and privacy. Only candidates with expertise in the areas of database theory and systems, including emerging architectures; big data management; and data privacy and security, in particular, data mining and machine learning techniques for security and privacy (with strong mathematical/statistical background) will be considered.

Robust Intelligence, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems programs. Robust Intelligence encompasses all aspects of the computational understanding and modelling of intelligence in complex, realistic contexts. The National Robotics Initiative program focuses on ubiquitous collaborative robots that can perceive, plan, and act in uncertain, real-world environments, especially in collaboration with humans and other robots. The Smart and Autonomous Systems program focuses on taskable, adaptive, knowledge-rich intelligent physical systems that are aware of their capabilities and limitations. Only candidates with expertise in the areas of robotics and autonomous systems will be considered.

Intelligent Systems and Machine Learning specialties. Also within the Robust Intelligence program, additional science staff are needed in machine learning and intelligent systems. Only those with expertise in areas such as supervised and unsupervised learning, representation learning, transfer learning, and reinforcement learning will be considered.

Relevant programs are described on the IIS divisional web page. That page also identifies current Program Directors, who may be contacted for additional information.