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The Computing Research Association (or CRA) has been involved in shaping public policy of relevance to computing research for more than two decades. More recently the CRA Government Affairs program has enhanced its efforts to help the members of the computing research community contribute to the public debate knowledgeably and effectively.

October 2004

New E-voting Blog

Computer Scientists David Dill, Ed Felten, Joe Hall, Avi Rubin, Barbara Simons, Adam Stubblefield, and Dan Wallach have joined forces at to post news and commentary on e-voting issues (just in time for election day). The site has only been up a day or two and already has some good commentary on reports of […]

NSA Decides Commercial Software Needs Security Help, Will Open Center

According to this piece in Federal Computer Week, the National Security Agency plans to create a government-funded research center devoted to “improving the security of commercial software.” The effort would include researchers at NSA and NIST, and researchers funded by DARPA, and the Department of Homeland Security. From the article: The quality and trustworthiness of […]

CRA and USACM Urge Congress to Support NIST Labs

CRA and ACM’s U.S. Public Policy Office today urged members of the House and Senate to adopt Senate approved funding levels for NIST Labs as part of the expected negotiation over omnibus appropriations legislation for FY 2005. As we’ve covered previously, NIST finds itself in dire funding straits as a result of decisions made by […]

CSTB Calls for E-Voting White Papers

Herb Lin sends word that the Computer Science and Telecommunications Board (CSTB) is seeking comments and white papers “relevant to the use of electronic voting systems.” Serious comments and white papers need to be received by November 22, 2004. CALL FOR INPUT — NRC Project on Electronic Voting A large number of American voters will […]

Catching Up: Hopper Conference

Things have been a bit busy around CRA world headquarters recently, which is why blogging has been a little infrequent. Apologies to those who’ve noticed. 🙂 One of the recent events worth mentioning was the 2004 edition of the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference held two weeks ago in Chicago. This year’s […]

RSS Feeds – A Primer

From time to time I get questions about the Syndicate this Site (XML), Atom (XML) and Sub Bloglines links on the left side of this page. All represent various ways of accessing this site via an “RSS” feed. What’s an RSS feed? CRA Board Member Tim Finin at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County put […]

Interesting Online E-Voting Discussion is running an interesting online discussion of e-voting featuring a few of the luminaries in the field, including Avi Rubin and David Dill. I even saw an appearance by Jim Horning, former member of CRA’s board. Worth a view. [Via Slashdot.]

Senate Passes DOE Supercomputing Bill

As expected, the Senate yesterday passed HR 4516, the High End Computing Revitalization Act of 2004, which would authorize the creation of a “leadership class” supercomputer at DOE and a “High-end Software Development Center.” The bill is expected to be re-passed in the House during a lame-duck session and signed by the President. The bill […]

Business Week Notes DMCA, Induce Act’s Chill on Innovation

Heather Green has a great piece in this week’s issue of Business Week on the chilling effect of copyright legislation on research. Here’s a snippet: Scientists like to probe the unknown and pioneer useful technologies. But in the spring of 2001, Edward W. Felten discovered that such efforts aren’t always welcome. A computer scientist at […]