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CRA Wants You!

Forgive the CRA-centric content, but we’re looking to fill a new position here at CRA World Headquarters. Here’s the official announcement: The Computing Research Association works to strengthen research and advanced education in the computing fields, expand opportunities for women and minorities, and improve public and policy maker understanding of the importance of computing and […]

Google CEO Speaks On Government and Technology

CRA member Google Inc.’s CEO Eric Schmidt gave a speech yesterday in DC regarding government and technology. Schmidt is a member of President-elect Obama’s transition team but he focused more on issues that the technology community (including CRA) has been talking about for years, including research funding. The Washington Times has all the details but […]

Announcing the Computing Research Highlight of the Week

Today, as part of CRA’s mission to improve public and policymaker understanding of the importance of computing and computing research, we’re pleased to announce the launch of a new feature on the CRA and CCC web pages: the Computing Research Highlight of the Week. Each week, we’ll highlight some of the exciting and important research […]

We Want Your Research Highlights!

A couple of small announcements: First, those of you who attended CRA’s biennial conference at Snowbird last week already heard this call, but for those who didn’t (or who need to be reminded), we want your research highlights! CRA and the Computing Community Consortium are in the process of gathering recent computing research highlights to […]

Another Successful Capitol Hill Science Fair

The Coalition for National Science Funding held another successful Science Exposition on Capitol Hill last night and once again CRA played a part. Manning this year’s booth for CRA was Dr. R. Michael Young from North Carolina State University who did a fantastic job showing his work using the underlying technology of video games for […]

Dichotomy of Women in S&T

Two articles this week on women in science and technology fields. The first “Why Women Quit Technology Careers” in ComputerWorld talks about a trend that we have been watching for awhile. The article notes a study that shows that despite a strong presence in the early stages of science and technology careers, 40 percent of […]

Computing Community Gets Opportunities to Show Off for Congress

The next couple of weeks will be busy ones here at CRA World Headquarters. On June 18, the Congressional Robotics Caucus will be holding its second briefing, this time on Industrial Robotics. (CRA is on the Robotics Caucus Advisory Committee.) The lunch briefing will feature Jeff Burnstein of the Robotic Industries Association, Richard Seif and […]

We’re Looking For More Good Peeps!

CRA is looking to expand its staff once again — we’re looking for a business/office manager type to help us get a handle on our growing responsibilities. If you know someone who fits the bill, please pass this along! Wanted: Business Manager The Computing Research Association, a non-profit representing the academic and industrial IT research […]

Interest in Computer Science Degrees Improving?

Data from CRA’s own Taulbee Survey of PhD-granting computer science and computer engineering departments in North America shows that the number of newly declared CS majors has increased for the first time since the height of the dot-com boom in Fall 2000. This might indicate that interest in CS has stabilized after a long period […]

Rick Adrion Recognized for Distinguished Service to Computing Community

CRA’s Distinguished Service Award is presented annually to a person who has made an outstanding service contribution to the computing research community. The award recognizes service in the areas of government affairs, professional societies, publications or conferences, and leadership that has a major impact on computing research. The CRA Board of Directors has selected W. […]