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Hill Visits

CRA is a member of the Coalition for National Science Funding — an organization comprising over 100 different scientific societies, universities, and industrial advocates for federal support of fundamental research. As part of their advocacy efforts, CNSF sponsors a “Hill Visits Day,” which is an opportunity for members of the research community to come to […]

Outsourcing Our Snowbird Coverage

So, having caught my breath a bit after a long few days at CRA’s biennial Snowbird “Chairs’ Conference,” I was just setting out to write up a post with some of the highlights of the conference when I saw that Cameron Wilson of ACM’s Technology Policy Blog had already beaten me to the punch. Cameron’s […]

Cerf and Kahn to “Chat” from White House

Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn, who will be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom today at the White House, will also be fielding questions as part of a White House online chat at 4 pm ET today. So if you’re itching to ask these two networking pioneers their thoughts on the Internet, what it’s like […]

House Science Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructures Hearing Wrapup

As mentioned previously, the House Science Committee met yesterday to focus on the threat cyber security vulnerabilities pose to various critical sectors of the Nation’s critical infrastructure. Representatives from the oil and gas, chemical, electrical and communications sectors all testified that their industries are becoming more and more dependent upon public networks, those networks are […]

Things Will Get Busier…

Apologies for the dearth of timely updates recently. As many readers familiar with the congressional calendar are aware, Congress disappears for the entire month of August so that members can find their way back to their home districts, partake in a few county fairs and local parades, and generally get a longer-than-usual glimpse of how […]