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NSF’s Broadening Participation in Computing Program Works

AAAS released a report last week regarding the NSF’s Broadening Participation in Computing (BPC) program and it’s findings are very good news for the computing community. While we have only begun to increase overall enrollments in the field, colleges and universities that are part of the BPC program have begun to increase the number of […]

GAO releases report on cybersecurity strategy

This week the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report urging the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) to come up with a clear and comprehensive cybersecurity R & D strategy. The report, prepared by request of the House Committee on Homeland Securty, called upon OSTP to show more leadership in the […]

Thacker Awarded A.M. Turing Award

Charles P. Thacker has been named the recipient of the 2009 A.M. Turing Award by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) for his work in personal computing and networking. Thacker is currently a technical fellow at Microsoft Research, a Fellow of the ACM, has won several awards and citations, including the IEEE John von Neumann […]

CRA Chair to Testify Before Senate on Climate Modeling

CRA Chair Dan Reed (who is also Microsoft’s “Scalable and Multicore Strategist”) will testify Thursday before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation committee to talk about the computational aspects of U.S. climate modeling. From the committee: This hearing will examine the current computing capacity to process models at the regional and local scales, the need […]

Sid Karin gets Slashdotted

Here’s the blurb Staring Down a Revolution: Questions for Sid Karin Mark of THE CITY writes “Since helping to found the San Diego Supercomputer Center in the 1980s, Sid Karin has distinguished himself as a national expert on digital technology and its possibilities for scientific research.”

E-voting in the Presidential Campaign

I don’t intend to get into Presidential politics here, but post this just to show how far the e-voting issue has come in terms of public awareness. From a Washington Post story on the progressive “Take Back America” Conference here in DC. Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) addressed the attendees: The biggest applause lines invariably involved […]

U.S. Losing its Dominance in the Sciences

Interesting article in the New York Times about a number of different measures (Physical Review article declines, percentage of patents awarded, doctoral degree declines) that suggest that the US is losing its dominant position in science and technology to Europe and Asia. Here’s the scoop.