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USENIX Open Letter Re: SCO’s Assault on Open Source

Thanks to Ellie Young of USENIX for passing this along: The SCO Group, Inc. (SCO) has recently sued IBM and Novell and launched broad attacks on the legality of and the economic justification for so-called open source licensing, including the free licensing of Linux. (see As an organization dedicated to advancing the skills and […]

Hearings, Hearings, Hearings

The last two days have featured a number of congressional hearings of interest to the computing research community. Here’s a brief summary: Senate VA-HUD Appropriations Subcommittee, Thursday – OSTP Director John Marburger, NSF Interim Director Arden Bement, and National Science Board Director Warren Washington testified before subcommittee chair Sen. Kit Bond (R-MO) and Ranking Member […]

Slides from CRA Computing Leadership Summit Online!

Thanks to all who attended CRA’s annual Computing Leadership Summit. We were treated to a great series of talks from: John Sargent, Senior Policy Advisor, Technology Administration, US Department of Commerce. Sargent went over a fascinating set of statistics he and his colleagues at the Technology Administration have managed to pull out of Bureau of […]

What about “insourcing”?

Another perspective on the outsourcing issue, from an editorial in The News & Observer on February 2nd. Makes the point that even as some computing programming jobs have headed offshore, a large number of “heavy industry” jobs, including the manufacturing of vehicles, computers, electronics and other machinery have actually been “insourced” because “U.S. is still […]

Science Committee to Hold Visa Policy Hearing

Just learned today that the House Science Committee is planning a hearing for February 25, 2004, to consider the impact of the current US visa policy on science. CRA has been among many groups within the scientific community that have raised concerns that tighter visa policies post-9/11 have affected international collaborations, conferences, and the participation […]

Hollywood May Seek Legislation to Plug “Analog Hole”

If the entertainment industry can’t agree with hardware, software and electronics producers on how best to protect digital content, they will look to Congress again this year for legislation mandating a technological solution, the National Journal (subscription req’d) reports.  The problem “can be fixed with legislation later this year,” requiring technology companies to apply anti-piracy […]

IP issues

The National Academies’ IP Website and Quarterly Newsletter For a round-up of the intellectual property issue-related current projects at the National Academies, visit The site publishes a quarterly e-newsletter which is archived at The current newsletter is at

Outsourcing will be “Hot” Issue

Tech Daily (subscription required) reports from a Information Technology Industry council (ITI) luncheon that outsourcing of IT jobs will be a hot topic for lawmakers in the coming session. ITI’s Ralph Hellmann said congressional staffers told him that populist lawmakers from both parties plan to use the issue to “take a whack” at the technology […]

CISE Reorganization “Crosswalk” Posted

Slightly old news, but NSF Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) directorate head Peter Freeman has posted a message on the CISE website in an effort to clear up any confusion within the community about the reorganization of the the directorate. Freeman has also posted a “programmatic crosswalk” that maps former CISE programs and […]