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NY Times Coverage of NSF/Microsoft Cloud Computing Research Agreement

John Markoff of the NY Times has coverage of today’s announcement of an agreement between the National Science Foundation and Microsoft that would enable NSF-sponsored researchers free access to Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing services. According to NSF CISE AD Jeannette Wing, NSF will commit $5 million in funding to enable researchers to study new techniques […]

Obama Announces New Commitment to R&D Funding, PCAST Members

The President used a speech before the members of the National Academy of Sciences today to reiterate his commitment to boosting the U.S. investment in science and technology.In his remarks before the opening session of the National Academy’s annual meeting, Obama set a goal of seeing the U.S. invest 3 percent or more of its […]

Google CEO Speaks On Government and Technology

CRA member Google Inc.’s CEO Eric Schmidt gave a speech yesterday in DC regarding government and technology. Schmidt is a member of President-elect Obama’s transition team but he focused more on issues that the technology community (including CRA) has been talking about for years, including research funding. The Washington Times has all the details but […]

Announcing the Computing Research Highlight of the Week

Today, as part of CRA’s mission to improve public and policymaker understanding of the importance of computing and computing research, we’re pleased to announce the launch of a new feature on the CRA and CCC web pages: the Computing Research Highlight of the Week. Each week, we’ll highlight some of the exciting and important research […]

Computerworld Articles on US Innovation, Technology, and the Next President

Computerworld has published a great couple of articles this week regarding the next Administration, technology, and US innovation. They feature a number of folks well-known in the CS community and are definitely worth checking out. US Innovation: On the Skids Dear Mr. President: Let’s Talk Tech

DARPA’s Tether Continues to Lose His Fight with Congress

From the explanatory statement for the Continuing Resolution that will fund government agencies until March 6, 2009: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) The fiscal year 2009 budget request for DARPA is $3,285,569,000, an increase of $326,493,000, more than 10 percent, over the fiscal year 2008 appropriated program of $2,959,076,000. In recent years, DARPA has […]

Basic Energy Research Press Event

The Task Force on the Future of American Innovation and the Science Coalition held a press conference this morning on “Fueling America’s Future”–the importance of federal funding for basic energy research. While both groups support a broad basic research agenda, this event emphasized the need for basic research in energy to solve America’s energy crisis. […]

McCain Answers Science Debate 2008

Now that Senator John McCain has supplied his answers to the Science Debate 2008 questions, we can take a look at the similarities and differences between the two candidates on a topic that could determine the United States’ competitive and economic future in the next administration. We highlighted some of Senator Obama’s answers here earlier […]

Obama Answers Science Debate 2008

Senator Barack Obama responded to fourteen science questions asked by Science Debate 2008 regarding how an Obama White House would lead the US in areas vital to our competitiveness and innovation. All fourteen questions and Obama’s answers in their entirety can be found here. Some highlights of most importance to the computing community include: Q […]