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HASC to Review DOD Cyber Security Efforts Tomorrow

With short notice, the House Armed Services Committee Panel on Asymmetric and Unconventional Threats will hold a hearing tomorrow to examine cyber security, information assurance and information exploitation issues at the Department of Defense. I say short notice because the witness list for the hearing didn’t appear until today and the hearing’s lead witness, CRA […]

House Science Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructures Hearing Wrapup

As mentioned previously, the House Science Committee met yesterday to focus on the threat cyber security vulnerabilities pose to various critical sectors of the Nation’s critical infrastructure. Representatives from the oil and gas, chemical, electrical and communications sectors all testified that their industries are becoming more and more dependent upon public networks, those networks are […]

Things Will Get Busier…

Apologies for the dearth of timely updates recently. As many readers familiar with the congressional calendar are aware, Congress disappears for the entire month of August so that members can find their way back to their home districts, partake in a few county fairs and local parades, and generally get a longer-than-usual glimpse of how […]

Industry Group Calls for Increased Cyber Security R&D; Congress Hears Message from Former PITAC Members

In a report released this week, the Cyber Security Industry Alliance — a group consisting of information security software, hardware and service vendors — called on Congress and the Administration to ramp up support for fundamental research in cyber security R&D and increase the prominence of cyber security at key federal agencies. CSIA’s report, Federal […]

NY Times OpEd on Cyber Security: “Virtually Unprotected”

The New York Times editorializes today that, despite the very real threat, the nation continues to be woefully unprepared to defend against a “cyberattack” on our critical infrastructure. Power grids, water treatment and distribution systems, major dams, and oil and chemical refineries are all controlled today by networked computers. Computers make the nation’s infrastructure far […]

PITAC Cyber Security Report is Out!

The long-awaited PITAC report on Cyber Security, Cyber Security: A Crisis of Prioritization (pdf, 2.2mb) has just been released. The committee spent nearly a year reviewing the federal government’s cyber security R&D effort, a process we’ve covered in this space. The resulting report concludes that the IT infrastructure — beyond the public Internet — is […]

Catching Up: Update on PITAC Cyber Security Efforts

This article I spotted today in Government Computer News on former Director of DHS’ National Cybersecurity Division Amit Yoran’s thoughts about DHS’ niche in federal cybersecurity efforts reminded me that I hadn’t provided an update on what I thought was a very interesting meeting of PITAC’s Subcommittee on Cybersecurity R&D a week ago last Friday. […]

House Leadership Wants Cyber Security Back In White House?

The AP reports today (via USA Today) that the House Republican leadership will propose moving the cyber security offices of the Department of Homeland Security back to the White House as part of the House version of the intelligence reorganization. According to the article, the change reflects “frustration among some Republican lawmakers about what they […]

ITAA Accuses Security Researchers of Waging “Religious War” in Opposing E-voting Systems

Computerworld has an article today with quotes from ITAA’s Harris Miller complaining that IT security researchers are opposing e-voting systems because they’re pushing a political agenda on behalf of the open-source software community. Some choice quotes: “It’s not about voting machines. It’s a religious war about open-source software vs. proprietary software,” Miller said in an […]