CRA-Industry Call for Council Nominations

The Computing Research Association – Industry (CRA-I) is charged with increasing interaction between industry partners and other organizations involved in computing research for the benefit of all. Established in 2020 as a committee of the Computing Research Association (CRA), CRA-I is a growing community of computer science research leaders from industry who are interested in collaborating with others from industry, academia, and government to improve societal outcomes.

To fulfill its mission, CRA-I needs visionary leaders — people with great ideas, sound judgment, and the willingness to work collaboratively to see things through to completion. To that end, CRA-I is starting a Council of eventually 21 leaders from industry and academia representing the breadth and diversity of the computing discipline today.

Given the support you have provided us in the past, please consider submitting a self-nomination for the Council and help us by nominating outstanding colleagues.

Currently, CRA-I carries out its work through an active and engaged seven member Steering Committee (SC), co-chaired by Vivek Sarkar (Georgia Tech) and Ben Zorn (Microsoft Research). CRA-I is fully supported by a Senior Program Associate at CRA, Helen Wright.

Our expectation is that Council members will serve for a three year term. 

Here are some activities that we hope CRA-I Council members will participate in:

  • Develop and lead new activities that you are passionate about that CRA-I should pursue, for the benefit of the computing research industry community 
  • Identify areas where CRA-I should focus its efforts 
  • Shepherd and participate in roundtable discussions and/or workshops
  • Write whitepapers and reports 
  • Coordinate CRA-I activities with the rest of CRA
  • Think about ways CRA-I should grow as a committee 
  • Participate in monthly virtual meetings
  • Handle other requests from and for the community (e.g., responding to agency RFIs), as needed

Please send nominations, together with the information below, to by 11:59 PM EST on February 14th, 2023

Please include:

  • Name, affiliation, and email address of the nominee.
  • Technical areas of interest.
  • Previous significant service to your professional community and other relevant experience (no more than *five* items).
  • Nominee’s resume (link to a webpage is fine).
  • A few sentences about why this candidate would be a great addition to the CRA-I Council.
  • The names and contact information (email and phone) for 2-3 people who would be knowledgeable about the nominee’s potential for such a service role.

If you have any questions, please direct them to the CRA-I Senior Program Associate Helen Wright (