Research Scientist, Speech, NLP, Vision/Language, all levels

Johns Hopkins University
Human Language Technology Center of Excellence (HLTCOE)

The Human Language Technology Center of Excellence (HLTCOE) at Johns Hopkins University seeks to hire outstanding senior and junior researcher scientists in all areas of speech and language processing. Located adjacent to Johns Hopkins’ beautiful Homewood campus in Baltimore, Maryland, the HLTCOE conducts long-term and applied research on fundamental application-driven challenges. Its staff scientists publish widely in premier venues, and, through close collaboration with members of the Center for Language and Speech Processing (CLSP), make Johns Hopkins one of the world’s largest and growing academic research groups in the field.


A good candidate will have a strong general background and publishing experience in one or more of the following tasks:

— Graph Analysis

– Information Extraction and Knowledge Graph Construction

– Information Retrieval

– Machine Learning

– Machine Translation

– Multilingual Natural Language Processing

– Multimodal Applications involving  Speech, Text, Images, and Video

– Optical Character Recognition

– Speaker and Language Identification

– Speech Recognition

Applicants should hold a Ph.D or a master’s degree (with commensurate experience) in computer science, electrical engineering, linguistics, cognitive science, or a closely related field.

The HLTCOE is hiring excellent speech, NLP, and Computer Vision researchers to join our team. We have immediate openings for non-tenure track Research Scientists at the all levels of experience, as well as for post-doctoral fellows.

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