Researcher – Data Science

NEC Laboratories America, Inc.

NEC Laboratories America, Inc. (NEC Labs) is the US-based center for NEC Corporation’s global network of corporate research laboratories. In collaboration with industry, academia, and governments around the world, we generate and commercialize innovative technical solutions to real world problems.

The Data Science team aims to build novel big data solutions and service platforms that simplify complex systems management, and to develop new information technology that supports innovative applications, from big data analytics to the Internet of Things. Our research is both experimental and theoretical, covering many domains in data science and artificial intelligence such as time series analysis, graph mining, NLP and document understanding, and so on. The goal of our research is to fully understand the dynamics of big data from complex systems and build innovative solutions to help end user managing those systems. We have built a number of analytic engines and system solutions to process and analyze big data and support various applications in detection, prediction and optimization. Our research leads to both award-winning NEC products and publications in top conferences.

Our group is looking for researchers to work in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning or data mining. The ideal candidates must have expertise in one of the above areas and can develop algorithms to analyze massive data and build innovative applications.

PhD in CS/CE with a strong publication record in at least one of the following areas:
• Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and deep neural networks
• Time series analysis and prediction
• Text mining, natural language processing and information retrieval
• Graph and information network mining
• Large scale optimization and learning
• Signal processing, image processing and computer vision

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Equal Opportunity Employer