Lecturer and Curriculum Innovation Lead

University of Maryland
Department of Computer Science

The University of Maryland is partnering with Break Through Tech (BTT), a national initiative at the intersection of academia and industry, with the goal of propelling more women and underrepresented communities into technology education and careers to achieve gender equality in tech. This partnership will be housed in the Iribe Initiative for Inclusion and Diversity in Computing within the Department of Computer Science, supporting both Computer Science (CMSC) and the College of Information Studies (iSchool).

This position will support the curriculum innovation efforts across the BTT program as well as additional CMSC courses each semester. The position supports curriculum innovation and development across four core areas of the initiative: Summer guild, new intro to computing course, faculty and staff innovation training, and curriculum grants.

●        Support the launch and curriculum development of a two Summer Guild in August 2021. The program will highlight six real-world projects around different intersections of computing.

●        Support the development of an introduction to computing course that addresses the breadth of computing both in content and in possible career goals will be a joint priority between the iSchool and CMSC. This course will comprise

⅓ computing skills development, ⅓ societal impacts and career applications, and ⅓ larger concept computing content.

The course development will take place over the summer of 2021 with the first sections offered in fall 2021.

●        Coordinate annual faculty development training on inclusive pedagogy and best practices as part of the iSchool and CMNS.

●        Coordinate the administration of mini innovation grants to faculty members to encourage curricular changes including modifying our introductory course sequences in both units, making courses more inclusive, and creating and centralizing additional Computing+X content to tie computing to other disciplines.

●        Function as an integral part of the team within the campus and national initiative as well as the Department of Computer Science and the iSchool.

●        Teach the new introduction to computing course.

●        Teach one additional section of a CMSC course in Fall, Spring and Summer.

●        Leverage university curriculum development resources in order to diversify the curriculum for UMD undergraduate computing courses.

●        Ensures alignment of objectives with Break Through Tech National, UMD, and all other critical stakeholders.

Minimum Qualifications: An M.S. degree in computer science, information science, education or related field. This candidate should have experience with curriculum innovation through a computing lens. The candidate must be able to both work independently and as a member of interdisciplinary teams. The applicant must have proficient analytical, writing, verbal, organizational, and computer skills and an ability to work well with students, campus partners, parents, and external relations. Candidates must have strong knowledge of collaboration tools (Google Drive, Box) and proficiency in other communication and office software. The candidate must have a passion for developing mission-driven strategies and a commitment to gender equity. The candidate must be committed to working with diverse student and community populations. A Ph.D. in one of the related fields is preferred. Also preferred is experience leading innovation efforts for large scale computing courses.

Application Process: Interested candidates should apply on-line at https://ejobs.umd.edu in order to receive consideration. Search under Faculty position #34111421. Applicants are strongly encouraged to have complete versions of their materials – including a CV, a statement of teaching philosophy, a list of references, a listing of recently taught courses, and evidence of teaching effectiveness (e.g., teaching evaluations, teaching awards) uploaded as supplemental document 1, and a cover letter highlighting the specific strengths of the candidate with respect to this position – uploaded by February 19, 2021. For any information or questions please email instructor-search@cs.umd.edu.

The Department of Computer Science is committed to building a diverse faculty pre-eminent in its mission of research, teaching, and service to the community, and it especially encourages applications from women and underrepresented minorities. In addition, candidates who have experience engaging with a diverse range of faculty, staff, and students and contributing to a climate of inclusivity are encouraged to discuss their perspectives on these subjects in their application materials.

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