PiPE: The CRA-E Pipeline Project

Team: Susanne Hambrusch (group leader), Amy Csizmar Dalal, Charles Isbell, and Valerie Taylor
Contact: pipe@cra.org


The goal of the Pipeline Project of CRA-E (PiPE) is to better understand the pipeline whereby students receiving a baccalaureate degree in the USA successfully complete the doctorate degree in computer science, computer engineering, or information science. We plan to study the demographics and characteristics of students by examining data related to applications, admissions, and acceptances to graduate school as well as graduation.PiPE plans to use and relate existing data available from various sources and also will identify data needed to make conclusions helpful in improving the research pipeline. Initial steps include understanding (also identifying) existing data that is relevant to PiPE and identifying how additional data might be collected. A goal of PiPE is have data, insights, and recommendations leading to best practices for admission committees and for students planning to apply to a PhD program.

PIPE Reports

Exploring the Baccalaureate Origin of Domestic Ph.D. Students in Computing Fields.
Computing research News, January 2013. Vol.25/No.1.