Graduate Fellowships (CSGrad4US) & Mentoring Program

Fellowship Applications: The next application period for the CSGrad4US Fellowship Program will take place in Spring 2024.

Coach Applications: Applications received by July 14th will be given preference.

More information about being a CSGrad4US coach can be found here.

Principal Investigator

Erik RussellErik Russell

Director of Educational Initiatives


Program Chairs

Susanne HambruschSusanne Hambrusch

Purdue University

Bio | Website

Russ Joseph

Northwestern University


Lori PollockLori Pollock

University of Delaware

Bio | Website

Kelly Shaw

Williams College

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Mentoring Program Associates


Dorian Arnold

Emory University

Bio | Website

clayton lewis

Clayton Lewis

University of Colorado, Boulder



Maria Gini

University of Minnesota

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CRA Contact

Lauren Lashlee

Program Associate

Kayley Mcdonald

Program Assistant