Biden-⁠Harris Administration Takes New Steps to Advance Responsible Artificial Intelligence Research, Development, and Deployment

The following was originally posted on the CCC Blog

The Biden-Harris Administration is continuing their recent efforts to advance the research, development, and deployment of responsible AI. With the rise of AI and its increasing capabilities these initiatives are meant to protect American citizens’ rights and safety. Last week the CCC blog highlighted responsible AI efforts from the White House. Yesterday the White House announced three more initiatives summarized below.

An update to the National AI Research and Development Strategic Plan. This plan builds on plans issued in 2016 and 2019, and sets out key priorities and research goals to guide federal investments in AI research and development (R&D). It will focus federal investments in R&D to promote responsible American innovation, serve the public good, protect people’s rights and safety, uphold democratic values, and ensure continued U.S. leadership in the development and use of trustworthy AI systems.

The release of a request for information to seek public input on national priorities for mitigating AI risks, protecting people’s rights and safety, and harnessing AI to improve lives. Responses to this RFI will inform the Administration’s efforts to advance a cohesive and comprehensive strategy to manage AI risks and harness AI opportunities.

The Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology released a new report, AI and the Future of Teaching and Learning: Insights and Recommendations, summarizing the risks and opportunities related to AI in teaching, learning, research, and assessment.

You can read more about these new initiatives in OSTP’s announcement