CRA Industry Committee

Our mission: CRA-Industry convenes industry partners on computing research topics of mutual interest and connects our partners with CRA’s academic and government constituents for mutual benefit and improved societal outcomes.

The CRA-Industry standing committee was created in the Fall of 2020 with the goal of reaching out to industry partners involved in computing research and giving them new opportunities to convene and connect on topics of mutual interest.  As a part of the CRA, CRA-Industry also facilitates the interaction between industry partners and other organizations deeply involved in computing research, including academic institutions and government agencies.

The CRA-Industry committee recognizes the diversity of companies that participate in the computing research ecosystem and seeks to enable those companies, big and small,  to get the greatest benefit from sharing their experiences with each other.  Furthermore, CRA-Industry recognizes that many companies not traditionally contributing or benefitting from computing research are now actively engaging with the computing research community.  We seek to help such companies engage, contribute, and participate in the computing research community for the benefit of all.

While CRA-Industry is a new committee, we envision activities including hosting virtual round tables, in-person workshops, seeding industry partnerships in collaborations across academia and government, and authoring white papers on topics of interest to our partners.  We also coordinate closely with other CRA committees, such as CRA-WP and the CCC, which have a long history of engaging with industry partners on matters of shared interest.

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