Ron Brachman (2026)

Co-Director and Professor of Computer Science

Cornell Tech University

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Elizabeth Bruce (2026)

Director of Innovation & Society


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Theo Drane (2027)

Datapath Architect


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Jofish Kaye (2027)

Principal Design Research & Strategy Scientist

Wells Fargo

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Hank Korth (2026)

Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

Lehigh University

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Nita Patel (2024)

Senior Director, Engineering Lead Design Center-Farmington


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Jennifer Rexford (2027)

Provost, Professor of Computer Science, and
Gordon Y. S. Wu Professor in Engineering

Princeton University

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Eve Schooler (2026)

RAEng Visiting Professor of Sustainable Computing

University of Oxford

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Mark Segal (2027)

Deputy Director of the Research Directorate

National Security Agency

Tammy Toscos (2026)

Director and Senior Research Scientist

Parkview Health

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Divesh Srivastava (Council Chair-2024)

Head Database Research


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