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The goal of this project is to initiate a long-term partnership between the computing/software industry and academia with the purpose of keeping computing curricula up to date and globally competitive. We envision a periodic survey administered nationwide by which computing professionals can provide actionable feedback to universities such as: which competencies are most important, which course experiences are most valuable, which are less needed, and what does industry most value in graduates over the long term. We are a team of computer science professors across multiple universities who, with input from international computing associations, would like to develop a robust and periodic feedback loop from computing professionals nationwide to all of computing academia.

Community Impact

  • Survey results from a prior pilot survey are described in a Communications of the ACM article, one of the most widely distributed publications in computing academia. These results have already informed the design of the ACM’s new 2023 curricular guidelines. Thus, by building a culture around feedback from industry to academia, future such survey analyses will shape computing curricula.
  • Think of distributing the survey as your good deed for the day. It’s only through actual data about the impact of education that education can adapt.
  • We will distribute a summary of the survey’s results to you, along with a status report of the project. The survey results (what the community thinks is important) should be of interest to everyone.

This project is being partially supported by the Division of Undergraduate Education at the National Science Foundation under Award #2110815 under a larger umbrella project called DEAP.