Data Buddies Specialized Reports

The standard Data Buddies Department Report contains descriptive tables using all the responses collected from a participating department (or other academic unit such as a college) in a given survey year. By default, all departments are compared to other departments in the DBS dataset based on the highest degree level granted by the department. 

You can request up to three specialized reports by selecting a specific subset of students to narrow down the sample and/or by modifying your comparison group. If you have a request outside of these options, please contact CERP with a brief description of your request, including an explanation of why you expect the report to be beneficial to your department. CERP team will review these requests and assess their feasibility on a case-by-case basis. 

Subset options:

  • All students
  • Non-computing majors
  • Pre-CS students
  • PhD students
  • Master’s students
  • Undergraduate degree type: Bachelor of Arts
  • Undergraduate degree type: Bachelor of Science
  • Domestic students
  • International students
  • Computing Majors – all
  • Computing Majors – Computer Science
  • Computing Majors – Data Science
  • Computing Majors – Game Design
  • Computing Majors – Computer Engineering
  • Computing Majors – Software Engineering
  • Computing Majors/Pre-Majors – Computer Science
  • Computer Minors – all
  • Computer Minors – Computer Science
  • Computer Minors – Data Science
  • Computer Minors – Game Design
  • Computer Minors – Computer Engineering
  • Computer Minors – Software Engineering

Comparison group options: 

  • Standard (i.e., the highest degree level granted by your department)
  • Doctoral Universities: Highest Research Activity
  • Doctoral Universities: Higher Research Activity
  • Doctoral Universities: Moderate Research Activity
  • LACS institutions

Important considerations for requesting specialized reporting:

  • Special reports must be requested for each year (e.g., survey cycle). Your request will not renew automatically.
  • Requests can be placed anytime. All requests received prior to March 1 of each year will be included in that year’s reporting. 
  • Each department can request up to three special reports per year (a total of four reports/year including their standard report).
  • Reporting parameters such as meeting the minimum n-size requirements still apply to specialized reporting.