2016 CRA Conference at Snowbird is Almost Here

snowbird graphic 2016

We are less than two weeks away from the 2016 CRA Conference at Snowbird. CRA is excited to welcome department chairs and computing research leadership from across the country to this invitation-only conference in Snowbird, Utah on July 17-19.

The event kicks off with an opening reception, awards presentations, and dinner followed by the first plenary session. In “Machines of Loving Grace: Computers After the Smartphone,” New York Times author John Markoff, will engage in a conversation with University of Washington’s Ed Lazowska.

On Monday, July 18, we will learn more about technology advancements at Disney Research from Jessica Hodgins, who is a vice president of research and also a professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Tracy Camp, Colorado School of Mines, will lead an opening session on booming enrollments trends, which will be followed by parallel tracks on more specific issues. After dinner, we will hear discussions on Computing Research Futures organized by the Computing Community Consortium.

On Tuesday, July 19, we will introduce a new discussion session that will facilitate dialogues about a number of thought-provoking topics in computing research. The group discussions will be based on the articles and books displayed here.

In “Making a Federal Case for Computing” CRA’s Peter Harsha will discuss how CRA is supporting the computing research community’s interests in Washington, and a panel will discuss research-funding realities the community is facing.

The final session of the conference will be “CS for All: Does Your Department Have a Role?” Organized by Jan Cuny from the National Science Foundation, this panel discussion will provide the opportunity to talk with faculty from leading CS departments about how they are supporting the initiative.

The conference agenda, now including session descriptions and room locations is available at: https://cra.org/cra/events/snowbird-2016/#agenda.