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How to Place an Ad With Us

To place an ad, fill out the form located here. We will respond with a price quote.

CRA disseminates ads in the following ways. The cost of placing of your ad is the same regardless of which method you choose.

  1. Ad appears in Computing Research News (CRN) and is distributed electronically via CRA’s jobs webpage
    (where it remains for no less than two months). This page also features a widely subscribed Rss Feed.
  2. Ad distributed electronically only.

Computing Research News is distributed electronically ten times a year: January, February, March, April, May, June, August, September, October and November. You must contact us before the 15th to request that your ad be placed in the next consecutive issue of CRN at no additional cost. It will NOT appear in the following month unless you select this option. The deadlines for each issue are:

December 15: January and February issues
January 15: February and March issues
February 15: March and April issues
March 15: April and May issues
April 15: May and June issues
May 15: June and August issues
July 15: August and September issues
August 15: September and October issues
September 15: October and November issues
October 15: November and January issues

Ads can be posted on the website at any time, regardless of which issue of CRN you publish them in. If you want your ad to be posted on the website before the publication date of the next CRN, please let us know when you accept your ad quote and we will try to post it within a day or two. If you do not indicate when you would like your ad posted, it will be on or soon before the publication date of the next CRN.


    • For Line Ads (text): $3.00 per word. This rate applies if one or all of the above methods of dissemination are chosen. These rates also apply if one or all of the above methods of dissemination are chosen.
    • For Display Ads: A camera-ready version of the display ad is required for publishing in CRN. If you would like the display ad to be distributed electronically, please also send it in a format appropriate for electronic distribution (e.g., as a text attachment). Ads that are three column inches or less are $72 per column inch, with a 2″ minimum charge. Ads will be rounded up to the nearest inch. A column inch is 2.125″ wide by 1″ deep. For ads larger than three column inches, consult the following table:
1 page 9.25 14 $ 1,850
3/4 page 9.25 10.5 $ 1,500
1/2 page 4.5 14 $ 1,150
1/2 page 9.25 7 $ 1,150
1/4 page 4.5 7 $ 725
1/4 page 9.25 3.5 $ 725
1/8 page 4.5 3.5 $ 475
1/16 page 4.5 1.75 $ 250

CRA Member Discounts:

U.S. academic and professional society member organizations receive a $600 credit toward text or display advertisements. Canadian academic members receive a $300 credit. Lab and center member organizations receive an $900 credit.

If your organization has not paid its CRA membership dues at the time invoices are mailed, you will be billed for the full cost of the ad. After you have paid membership dues, you can submit a request for a refund equal to the amount of ad credit you received for being a member.

Agency Commissions:

A discount of 15% of gross billing for supplied camera-ready ads (display ads) is allowed to recognized advertising agencies, provided the account is paid within thirty (30) days of the invoice date. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. Commissions are not allowed on text ads.

International Ads:

Please note that international ads must be prepaid before they are posted. Options for payment are: wire transfer (add a $30 processing fee) or credit card.