2018 Nominees for CRA Board; Petition Nominees Sought

CRA is pleased to announce the 2018 Election Committee’s slate of nominees for the CRA Board:

Academic (8 openings)
James Allan (UMass)
Henrik Christensen (UC San Diego)
Stephanie Forrest (Arizona State University)*
Michael Franklin (University of Chicago)*
Ayanna Howard (Georgia Tech)
Chad Jenkins (University of Michigan)
Ran Libeskind-Hadas (Harvey Mudd College)
Greg Morrisett (Cornell University)*
Keshav Pingali (University of Texas at Austin)
Rachel Pottinger (University of British Columbia)
William Regli (University of Maryland at College Park)
Vivek Sarkar (Georgia Tech)*

Industry (2 openings)
Maria Ebling (IBM Research)
Kathryn McKinley (Google)*
Chris Ramming (VMware)

*Denotes current board members.

Petition Nominees Sought for CRA Board of Directors

The Computing Research Association seeks your help in suggesting nominations for its Board of Directors. We want individuals who have the time, energy and initiative to work on CRA issues on behalf of the entire CRA community. We have a working board, and all members are expected to be involved with community issues.

The CRA Elections Committee has recently announced its slate of nominees for a seat on the Board of Directors. CRA also encourages nominations by petition. Petition nominations must be signed by the Designated Voting Representatives of at least five Constituent Member Organizations that are current in dues payment.

A complete nomination package for petition candidates must be submitted here no later than February 2, 2018. Separately, each of the five supporters of the petition must send an e-mail to elections@cra.org/cra simply stating their support for the petition candidate to run for a seat on the CRA Board of Directors.

Questions can be sent to elections@cra.org/cra.

Important dates and events:

  • On February 9, 2018, final ballots will be distributed to all CRA department chairs and lab directors. Each will have one vote for each open slot on the board.
  • On February 28, 2018, completed ballots must be returned to CRA.
  • In early March, the election results will be announced.