CRA makes an award, usually annually, to a person who has made an outstanding service contribution to the computing research community. This award recognizes service in the areas of government affairs, professional societies, publications or conferences, and leadership that has a major impact on computing research.

Distinguished Service Award Nomination Instructions

  • Questions or comments may be addressed to awards[at]
  • Current members of the CRA Board of Directors are not eligible for this award.

Guidelines for Nominators

    1. Nominators must obtain three to four letters of support from distinguished members of the computing research community who are familiar with the candidate’s service accomplishments.
    2. The nomination letter must make an argument why the candidate deserves the award, focusing on a few key contributions and providing evidence for these claims. The nomination should not simply consist of a list of accomplishments.
    3. Viable candidates are likely to be senior members of the profession who already have a number of professional experiences as members of editorial boards or planning or programming committees. While it is not objectionable to mention this kind of service in the nomination, it is not likely to be a key factor in the selection process unless this kind of service is well above and beyond that of other senior members.
    4. The award is for service to the computing research community. The quality and extent of computing research conducted by the candidate is not taken into consideration in making this award, and material about the candidate’s research accomplishments should not be included in the nomination material.
    5. Service considerations are limited to those that relate to the computing research community. Thus, for example, government service on behalf of the computing research community or educating graduate students for research careers would count. However, the selection committee will not give consideration to service in undergraduate education, except for where it relates directly to computing research.
    6. Longevity, effectiveness, breadth, and community-wide scope of service all matter.
    7. The nomination must include a current copy of the candidate’s curriculum vitae.