Application Open for 2018 CRA Career Mentoring Workshop

Career mentoring workshop 2016We are pleased to announce that CRA’s Career Mentoring Workshop will take place February 26-27, 2018, in Arlington, VA.

The application link is here.

Appropriate participants from CRA-member institutions are automatically accepted (until we run out of physical space); we will accept participants from non-CRA member institutions if there is space (at a higher registration fee).

If you have attended or know someone who has, then you know that this workshop gets raves as a kickstart to a successful research career in academia or industry. Our evaluations confirm that this workshop is well worth the time and expensive of participation.

Note also that there will be both a reception with the CRA Board of Directors and an interactive meeting with various NSF CISE dignitaries and research-appropriate program directors.

Does the workshop cost money? Of course, but it is a proven bargain. Be assured that this is not a break-even event for CRA with the registration fee covering less than the actual meeting costs.

See  for more details and how to apply to attend.

Please forward this to your appropriate faculty and encourage them to attend!