CCC Computing Research Symposium Live Stream

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Over the past 10 years, the Computing Community Consortium has hosted dozens of research visioning workshops to imagine, discuss, and debate the future of computing and its role in addressing societal needs. The Computing Research: Addressing National Priorities and Societal Needs Symposium will draw these topics into a program designed to illuminate current and future trends in computing and the potential for computing to address national challenges. The two days are organized around four main themes:

  • The Impact of Computing in Our Physical World: New advances in robotics and the internet-of-things promise to reshape how people move and act in the world. This session will explore the implications of computing-powered advances for transportation, agriculture, smart cities, and disaster response.
  • Computing Enhancing Our Lives: Computing will now follow us from our earliest education to healthcare at the end of our lives. This session will illustrate the potential of computing to shape our education, our work life, and enhance our independence and quality of life as we age.
  • Controlling Our Data: We are all aware of the explosion of issues related to the ever more pervasive use of data and computing. This session will explain how new types of systems and cryptographic techniques can support control, privacy, security, and fairness in a data-rich world.
  • Partnerships for the Future: The preceding sessions illustrate the enormous leverage of computing research in our lives. This session will present new ideas for combining the capabilities and resources of the public and private sectors to ensure our investments in fundamental computing research have the highest possible value for society.

The symposium will be held at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center on May 9-10, 2016. It is aimed at those interested in the social and policy implications of computing research, and members of the computing community who wish to learn more about current trends in computing and its implications for addressing societal needs.

Please see the agenda and symposium website for more information. The event will be live streamed here starting at 8:30AM EDT on Monday, May 9th.