CCC Led White Papers


By Helen Wright, CCC Senior Program Associate

The purpose of the Computing Community Consortium (CCC) is to catalyze the computing research community and enable the pursuit of innovative, high-impact research. One of the ways that the CCC accomplishes this is by publishing white papers for the computing research community.

White papers are a way for the CCC to create high-impact, tangible resources that inform stakeholders (federal agencies, science policy experts, researchers, industry, and the general public) of the current and potential impact of computing research. Most CCC white papers are generated based on a need in the community either from ad hoc group of CCC Council Members, a CCC Task Force, or the community itself.

The CCC published 13 whitepapers in 2015 and has already published three in 2016.

The most recent include:

In May 2015, CCC commissioned members of the research community to generate white papers to help guide strategic thinking in autonomous systems in a number of different domain specific areas, including Aerial Earth Science, ConstructionDefenseDisaster ManagementHealthcarePaths Towards AutonomyService Robots, and Transportation Systems.

The CCC released a total of eight autonomous system white papers. The Toward a Science of Autonomy for Physical Systems white paper frames both the opportunities and challenges posed by autonomous physical systems in general.

See the CCC’s white paper webpage to read all the CCC white papers going back to 2008.