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Are you looking for information for your students, academic and industrial researchers, or CRA’s diversity efforts? Look no further. CRA has dedicated webpages with targeted information on each of these topic areas.

On CRA’s page for students, we share valuable information and opportunities. Direct your students here to find out more information on CRA activities that help prepare undergraduate and graduate students to achieve success. A quick scan reveals projects like the Education Committee’s Conquer website (filled with resources for applying to grad school and research opportunities), the CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Awards, and CRA diversity initiatives. We also include a list of opportunities for students posted in the CRA Bulletin. Please share these resources with your students.

On CRA’s diversity efforts page, we highlight a few of our initiatives aimed at increasing underrepresented groups in computing. CRA is part of the Coalition to Diversify Computing (CDC), and its projects often partner with our Committee on the Status of Women in Computing Research (CRA-W). CRA-W coordinates a range of effective mentoring programs and workshops designed to increase the representation and opportunities for women and minorities in computing research.  CRA evaluates the effectiveness of intervention programs intended to grow this pool of computing research talent by surveying, comparing, and analyzing computing departments and individuals through CRA’s Center for Evaluating the Research Pipeline (CERP). We also list CRA Bulletin posts related to diversity.

On CRA’s page for researchers, we provide information for researchers at all stages of their careers. Use information to help build your career such as CRA job announcements and the career mentoring workshops. You can use information from CRA Best Practice Memos and the Taulbee Survey, which reports data on faculty salaries as well as the health of the pipeline of computing research talent, to help with departmental oversight. Last but not least, on this page, find out how you can get involved! CRA has several award programs for researchers and initiatives you can participate in. Visit CRA’s Government Affairs pages and join the Computing Research Advocacy Network. Or you can participate in the Computing Community Consortium, which seeks to mobilize the computing research community to identify major research opportunities for the field.

Contact us if you are interested in serving on a CRA Committee or would like to get involved.



CRA Resources Highlight