Facebook Request for Proposals on Hardware and Software Systems

By CRA Board Member Kim Hazelwood, Facebook

I wanted to let you know that Facebook has launched an invitation to university faculty to submit short research proposals on hardware and software systems; a total of 5 awards are available. During this proposal cycle, Facebook is especially interested in soliciting proposals for research at the intersection of computer systems and machine learning, including, but not limited to:

  • Machine learning benchmarks (especially beyond computer vision)
  • Workload characterization tools and techniques for machine learning applications
  • Hardware architectures for efficient and scalable machine learning
  • Machine learning frameworks and compiler flows to facilitate efficiency, portability, and inter-operability
  • Techniques to facilitate machine learning on resource-constrained edge devices
  • System impact of distributed training including issues related to compute, networking, and storage
  • Approaches that apply machine learning for research in traditional hardware and software systems
  • System analysis and optimization of machine learning approaches beyond deep learning

For more details see: https://research.fb.com/programs/research-awards/proposals/hardware-and-software-systems-request-for-proposals/

The deadline for proposals is 7 December, 5pm (PST).