How Computing May Change Our World by CRA Board Member and CCC Chair Emeritus Mark D. Hill 

HillCRA Board Member and CCC Chair Emeritus Mark D. Hill recently held a virtual presentation to CRA staff on “How Computing May Change Our World.” The talk is a great introduction on current topics facing computing and is approachable for audiences who do not have a computer science background. Much of the work discussed is based on visioning work Hill collaborated on when he was Chair of the CCC.

In this talk, Hill discusses impacts of three important examples on the horizon:

  • why artificial intelligence will free humans from more repetitive tasks,
  • how quantum computing will eventually enhance discovery, and
  • how computing and very human issues like fairness will increasingly interact.

Here are links to a 60-minute video and slides from a second offering of the talk to
Participatory Learning And Teaching Organization (PLATO), a senior organization that arranges informative lectures, classes, and field trips. Click here to watch. You can view a list of Hill’s presentations and publications at