New CRA-E Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentoring Award

crae-logoCRA is pleased to announce a new award program that honors faculty members in computing who have made a significant impact on students they have mentored. The CRA-E Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentoring Award recognizes faculty members who have provided exceptional mentorship and undergraduate research experiences, and, in parallel, guidance on admission and matriculation of these students to research-focused graduate programs in computing.

Eligible nominees are full-time faculty members at North American academic institutions. Faculty members include tenured and tenure-track faculty, instructors, and professors of the practice. Current members of CRA-E are not eligible to be a nominee or to serve as a nominator.  A nominee must be nominated by a faculty member or a researcher in the computing field. Nominations are due Monday, November 30, 2015 by midnight (ET). Winners will be notified by early February 2016.

The award will be given annually and multiple recipients may be awarded. The selection committee will give appropriate consideration to different types of schools and mentors at different stages of their careers.

This year’s award(s) will be presented at the 2016 CRA Conference at Snowbird. Awardees also have the option to receive the award at another venue, and will receive travel support to attend the meeting at which they accept the award.

Evaluation criteria

The selection committee will evaluate the evidence of: undergraduate student mentoring (being sensitive to the size of the program), professional development of the mentored students, impact and success of the students’ research, and the number of students enrolling in research-oriented graduate programs in computing.

The 2016 selection committee includes:

  • Nancy Amato, Texas A&M University, committee chair
  • Eric Aaron, Vassar College
  • Pat Morreale, Kean University
  • Barbara Ryder, Virginia Tech


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Nomination deadline: November 30, 2015

Questions and inquiries should be directed to:


New CRA-E Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentoring Award