Schedule for the 2015 CRA Taulbee Survey

The 2015 CRA Taulbee Survey will be starting soon. There are a couple of new features this year:

  • The survey will be split into two parts: salary and everything else. This allows us to set an earlier deadline for the salary section in order to produce a preliminary salary report in December, while giving departments more time to collect and enter the information in the rest of the survey.
  • The every-three-years Department Profiles section of the survey will be included this year. These questions cover teaching loads, floor space, graduate student recruitment, staff, and details on sources of research funding.

The schedule for the Taulbee Survey will be:

  • Before September 14: All doctoral departments will be contacted to update Taulbee user information. The academic unit head will receive an email and so will the Taulbee primary contact, if separate.
  • September 14: PDF will be available for data gathering.
  • September 22: The salary and main sections of the Taulbee will open for input.
  • November 16: Due date for salary section.
  • December 18: Preliminary salary report available.
  • January 11, 2016: Due date for the primary Taulbee section.
  • April 2016: Full Taulbee report sent to CRA members and participating departments.
  • May 2016: Taulbee is report published in CRN.

Enrollments Survey

On a related note, a one-time survey will be administered this year to provide insight into the current surge in CS enrollment. Both doctoral-granting and non-doctoral granting departments will be asked to complete this special survey, and discussion of its results is expected at Snowbird next summer. The doctoral-granting departments will be using the same interface we use for the Taulbee Survey. The expectation is that this Enrollments survey will open in October, with an anticipated close date in November. More specific information about this special survey will be available soon.

If you have any questions, contact Betsy Bizot at


Schedule for the 2015 CRA Taulbee Survey